Angel MoroniWho is this site for?
The target audience for this site is believing and practicing members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, also known as Mormons. However, every nice person is welcome. If I use a term you don’t understand or mention a concept that isn’t clear, just use the comments to ask. In time, I’ll get a section set up to provide people who aren’t Mormon or who are new with some basic doctrines.

What do you talk about here?

This started out as my venting blog and sometimes it still is. I try to talk about the issues that matter to me and sometimes I talk about ordinary, everyday Mormonism. I have a particular interest in LDS women’s issues from a conservative perspective.

You’ll see a blog section on “Terrie’s Gospel Questions.” These are questions I have about the gospel and will document my research process. I approach them from a faith-based perspective, and I hope they will demonstrate that it is okay to ask questions and will also help others learn how to approach their own questions. This will grow slowly, since I’m extremely busy just now.

Who are you?

I’m a middle-aged woman who joined the church at age seventeen without my family. I’m non-traditional in that I’m not very domestic–I can’t do crafts, I’m not much of a cook, I can’t sew, and I don’t love to clean house. I’m traditional in that if I see a conflict between what the church says and any other organization or popular standard, I choose church. I pray for my doctrines. I don’t want the priesthood. I am not a Republican…or a Democrat…or a member of any other political movement except for on paper, since you have to belong to one to vote in primaries here. I am a moderate independent and if the church has a political stance, you’ll find me there. I have three grown children and two granddaughters.

I’m an author with two traditionally published books on homeschooling and the first draft of a cozy mystery. The jury is out on whether or not I can write fiction! Learning how was my goal for last  year (and this year, and as many other years as it takes to figure it out). So was learning to play the piano (the keyboard, actually.) Don’t invite me to play–it’s painful to listen to me. I keep working on it, though. I’m always learning something. I love history, children’s literature, mysteries, teaching, Primary, and genealogy.

If you’re looking for me at church, try the Primary room. If I’m not there, it’s not for lack of begging and pleading.

Site rules:

I love a good debate, but it has to be nice. Here are the rules: Don’t post gossip (and that includes political gossip.) Snopes it first. Feel free to disagree with my opinion, but do it properly.

Say: I do not support groups that are advocating priesthood for women.

Don’t say: Women who want the priesthood are apostates.

Say: I think women should be allowed to hold the priesthood.

Don’t say: The prophet is sexist.

In other words, let’s try to stick to the issues, not the people.

Finding your way around:

The side navigation has the blog posts by category. The blog has the controversial stuff, the thought pieces, the humor (such as it is), the shorter and less formal things.

The pages can be found in the top navigation. It is more educational and less personal. You’ll find articles on how to teach Primary, do family things, do genealogy, that sort of thing. It’s more of a traditional website and much of it came from a previous LDS website I operated.

Polite debate always welcome. Share your thoughts.

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